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Individual Counseling

Tailored for a one-on-one - therapist and client 50-minute session.  In person or virtual sessions available.

Adolescent Counseling

Designed to help teenager manage peer pressure and relationship issues, increase academic success and prevent alcohol or drug abuse.

Couples and Family Counseling

Involves discussions and problem-solving sessions facilitated by a therapist—sometimes with the couple, sometimes with the entire family group and sometimes with individuals. Such therapy can help couples and family members improve their understanding of, and the way they respond to, one another.

Group Therapy

Involves groups of usually 4 to 12 people who have similar problems and who meet regularly with a therapist. The therapist uses the emotional interactions of the group's members to help them get relief from distress and possibly modify their behavior.

Intern Supervision


Designed to briefly assess the type and degree of a client's/patient's mental health condition to determine whether services are needed and to link them to the most appropriate and available service. Services may include interviews, psychological testing, physical examinations including speech/hearing, and laboratory studies.

Workshops & Classes

Designed to provide motivation, support, and the latest techniques on a variety of topics. We offer Court Ordered Education Classes including DWI Classes and Minor In Possession Classes.

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